[法国] 双面斯蒂芬妮 Stéphanie recto-verso (1978) (AVI/699MB)

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[法国] 双面斯蒂芬妮 Stéphanie recto-verso (1978) (AVI/699MB)

電影名稱:双面斯蒂芬妮 Stéphanie recto-verso (1978)
電影演員:Cathy Stewart, Diane Dubois, Dominique Saint Claire, Gwenda Farnel...
電影時長:85 分鐘

預覽簡介:Stephanie (Jacqueline) (Cathy Stewart) and Mark (Guy Royer) are having dinner when their friend Luke (Alban Ceray) arrives. He has a problem and must take Mark away to help solve it. At first reluctant, Mark goes off with Luke. But it is just an excuse for them to visit two of their mistresses, Diane Dubois and Marion Schultz. Mark arrives home exhausted and Jacqueline serves him a coffee, with a blowjob to provide the cream.

Next morning he goes off on a business trip - but only to the hotel across the road. There, over the course of the film, he gets his mistresses to phone his wife pretending to be his secretaries, before he is put on to speak to her.

Michel visits Stephanie who lets him borrow her apartment while she visits her friend Brigitte (Morgane). She returns to find her apartment being used to film a porno movie, with Richard Lemieuvre being sucked off by two very similar-looking brunettes (very familar, XNK1715 and XNK1716). Stephanie is shocked, but Lemieuvre, dissatisfied with his co-stars, demands that she takes their place. She is persuaded and enjoys the experience.

Stephanie phones up her husband, but the phone is disconnected by his mistress for the day, Dominique Saint Claire. Luke comes into the hotel room and watches them have se*.

Stephanie has acquired the taste for extra-marital adventures and when Luke visits, she seduces him.

Brigitte's husband, Bruno, is suffering from a cold, but insists that she go out with Jacqueline. The two have a threesome with André Miller.

Another mistress-pretend-secretary of Mark's phones up Stephanie. This is Valerie Martin's, pretending to be Italian or Spanish, referring to Jacqueline as Signora Carami (phonetic spelling). She phones up on Mark's behalf while they have se* (faked anal). Stephanie leaves Brigitte and André Miller to it. Jacqueline has dinner with Brigitte's husband (?) at her apartment and seduces him.

At his office Luke persuades his blonde secretary (Gwenda Farnel) to attempt to seduce their puritanical boss (Jean-Louis Vattier). She fails and returns to Luke’s office where they have se* on his desk. Then she goes under the desk and gives him head. His boss comes into the office to speak to him, but she carries on, unseen by the boss.

Stephanie, frustrated, masturbates in bed, then goes out on the street and tries to pick up men.

Samantha (in a wig) phones her up on Mark's behalf while she has se* with him and Jacqueline has se* with André Miller - it turns out in adjoining rooms of the hotel across the street.

Mark returns from his 'trip' and he and Jacqueline have dinner together, she with a secretive smile on her face.


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